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We have all found ourselves at a loss for words in certain situations. Whether it’s someone making an inappropriate joke in the professional setting, a friend shares the loss of a close loved one, or a colleague reveals a personal struggle, knowing what to say in those critical moments can be a challenge. This interactive session will detail ways to help you process these tough moments, respond to a wide variety of scenarios in a compassionate and empathy-focused manner in order to begin to know what to say in impossible situations. 


Target Audience 

Anyone hoping to strengthen their ability to quickly and empathetically respond to challenging or awkward situations with colleagues, family or friends. 


 Workshop Objectives


This training will help you: 


  • Understand the elements of empathy
  • Learn the tenets of active listening
  • Distinguish between reacting and responding to challenging situations
  • Identify practical approaches to address awkward or uncomfortable moments

Event Details