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From Improv Comedy to Executive Suite – How to Ignore your Major and Find Success

Attend this lunch and hear Wendy's story! There would be DOOR PRIZES! Yes, we know you don’t have a lot of time, and food alone may not attract you to this event. But we hope a set of airpods or a $100 lululemon gift card would change your mind. 

Meet with Wendy Morell, executive at a MainStreet Family Care, a regional healthcare company, to learn about how to position yourself for success no matter what your bachelor’s degree may say. The corporate world may want to pigeonhole you into positions that fit your narrow field of study, but with the right frame of mind, the sky is the limit! Learn about exploring other areas that are non traditional uses of your degree, and stop counting yourself out for opportunities due to what will be stamped on your degree. Wendy holds a JD and MBA from UA, and, it’s true, she really is not a practicing lawyer. She also has a history of years in the theatre, including many years in improv comedy, and promises you can always find ways to apply your skill set to your work.

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