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711 Capstone Dr, Tuscaloosa, AL, Tuscaloosa, AL
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Clean water is a fundamental necessity, yet millions around the world struggle daily to access it. In remote communities, the task of locating a water source consumes valuable time and energy, perpetuating a cycle of hardship and hindering development. Recognizing this pressing need, Tide 4 Christ is sponsoring this event through Healing Hands International (HHI) to raise awareness and funds for clean water around the world. 

This event is purely a walk to raise awareness for the 4-mile walk that women and children from around the world have to make to reach a water source. The walk will consist of 4 laps around the perimeter of the quad (using the sidewalks) to represent these 4 miles. 

HHI's approach focuses on drilling wells in communities where feasible, ensuring a direct and reliable source of clean water. In areas where drilling isn't viable, HHI distributes water filtration systems. These efforts have already made a profound impact, with over 2 million individuals gaining access to clean drinking water thanks to HHI's initiatives.

Clean water is more than a basic necessity—it's a catalyst for transformation. When communities gain access to clean water, the ripple effects are profound. Health improves, livelihoods are enhanced, and the cycle of poverty begins to break.

Join us in raising awareness for the global water crisis and supporting organizations like HHI in their mission to provide clean water to those in need. Together, we can amplify the voices of the marginalized and work towards a world where clean water is accessible to all, irrespective of geography or circumstance.

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