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University of Alabama Language Conference (UALC) 2023

Saturday, February 11, 2023 8:30am to 7pm

751 Campus Dr W, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 35487, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 35487
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The University of Alabama Language Conference (UALC) is a yearly event run by the Language, Literature, and Linguistics Graduate Students Organization. The purpose of this event is 1) to provide a space for the students of the Modern Language and Classics Department to present their research on literature, linguistics and language and 2) promoting the name of the University of Alabama as well as positioning our Language-Literature programs within the field of Modern Languages and universities all around the country. The event will consist on three sessions of three simultaneous 1:30-2:00-hour panels to be run in different rooms each day (for a total of nine different panels per day). One general two-hour meeting will be held in the ballroom every day, in which the keynote speakers will address the entire audience. At the end of the conference, at 5:00 pm on Saturday 11th, we will host a closing reception. 

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