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This event is an opportunity for the UA community to learn about the tectonic setting of the Türkiye-Syria Earthquakes, their humanitarian impact on people including UA community members and their families, and about organizations involved in relief efforts. Come to learn about the current conditions, to support those in our community, and to find out how best to offer financial support.


[This event was rescheduled from Thursday, February 16, 2023]


Invited speakers

Dr. Mesut Yavuz, Associate Professor of Operations Management

Dr. Ibrahim Çemen, Professor of Geology

M. Zeki Güngördü, Turkish Language Trainer, Critical Languages Center

Dr. Noor Ghazal Aswad, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies

Turkish Students Association Representatives



Dr. Waleed Hazbun, Political Science

Dr. Cheryl Toman, Modern Languages and Classics


Organized by

The Chambers Professorship in Middle Eastern Studies; The Departments of Political Science, Modern Languages & Classics, Geological Sciences, and Communication Studies; The Office of Global and Community Engagement; Capstone International Center, The Aronov Chair for Judaic Studies, Turkish Students Association.


The Turkish Students Association supports the Bridge To Türkiye "Türkiye Earthquake Relief Fund." You can donate at:


For additional recommendations for sending aid to Turkey and Syria, see:

Event Details

  • Debra Nelson-Gardell
  • Rylie Curry
  • Poppy Jacobs
  • Aidan Kennedy

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