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Stigma is defined as a set of negative beliefs that a group or society holds about a topic or group of people. The World Health Organization has classified stigma as having a detrimental effect on the treatment of individuals and is a huge barrier to recovery.  Public attitudes about various stigmatizing conditions indicate that individuals with a substance use disorder are viewed more negatively than individuals with a mental health disorder.  This stigma promotes the vicious cycle that is embedded in the disease of substance use disorder. In the state of Alabama stigma presents as a barrier to seeking treatment, as it directly affects the way an individual views themselves and their ability to access treatment.

This upcoming year’s summit will focus on the impact of stigma on those with a substance use disorder, MAT stigma, strategies for reducing stigma, impact of stigma on the criminal justice system, perinatal substance use, best practices within the court system, and person-first language.

5.75 hours of instruction available for many professions (see below for list of approved continuing education)

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