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SOURCE Officers Academy 2023 - Session B (Afternoon)

Saturday, September 16, 2023 1pm to 4pm

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The SOURCE Officers Academy's interactive resource workshop is a vital resource for student organizations and will equip officers who attend with the tools and connections they'll need to grow, connect, and thrive on campus.

1-2 officers from each organization are required to attend this essential training! 

We invite you to take some time at your next leadership meeting to determine who will attend on your group's behalf and, should no officers be able to attend, identify 1-2 general members to represent the group on your behalf. Student Organizations that attend the SOURCE Officers Academy will learn about key topics ranging from finance to conflict resolution and will, in addition, be eligible for a chance to receive event grant funding!

Throughout this experience, student organizations will have opportunities to share feedback, collaborate, voice opinions, on critical issues impacting student organizations and involvement across our community.

Your group is a vital part of UA, and the SOA will connect you to the people, tools, and opportunities you'll need to leave a legendary mark on campus!

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