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Professional Development II: Effective Communication

Thursday, November 19, 2020 10:30am to 12pm

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Note: This is one of five modules of The Professional Development Series offered every semester.

The series is open to all UA employees, but those seeking promotion to the Office Associate Senior Level are required to attend all five modules.


Participants of the Effective Communication Techniques and Skills module of the Professional Development Series will learn the art and application of effective face-to-face communication as they explore Five Elements of Communication, learn about the impact of non-verbal communication from social psychologist, Amy Cuddy, and observe and discuss scenarios demonstrating techniques to enhance service interactions and interpersonal communication --- in person and via phone and email.



  • Gain awareness of non-verbal communication and the impact it has on behavior and perceptions
  • Review, discuss and practice Five Elements of Communication:  Speaker, Listener, Language, Environment and Feedback
  • Understand verbal, vocal and visual communication messaging
  • Participate in listening and feedback activities designed to heighten awareness of barriers to effective listening
  • Observe scenarios demonstrating key actions learners can apply in service interactions and such as: using empathy, acknowledging emotions, and learning to gently confront


Competencies Supported: Communication-Written and Oral, Sensitivity


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