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Necessary Knowledge and Successful Conflict Conversations for Employees

Thursday, March 23, 2023 8:30am to 12pm

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Registration is required five (5) days before the session date.


Join Tal Lieber, Director of Informal Resolution Services for UA for this new offering designed to help you learn practical tools to resolve conflict in the workplace.

The goal of Necessary Knowledge is to learn a new way of thinking about conflict. In this course you will build a new "mental-map" that will serve as your guide for making moment-to-moment choices about how to behave in conflict situations and how to manage them more effectively. It leads to productive and effective relationships at work and at home.


In the first half of this course, we will define conflict and understand how our own responses to conflict impact relationships. In the second half of this course, we will apply what we've learned and use it as a practical communication tool for conducting Successful Conflict Conversations. Empowered with this technique, you will be able to take effective action to resolve most conflicts between yourself and others. The key to managing conflict is to address it as its lowest level. This simple four-step process allows a non-adversarial search for common ground to serve the common good.


Register online via UA LMS for this session - Necessary Knowledge and Successful Conflict Conversations for Employees.


Please notify us 24 hours in advance at 348-9700 or if you require special accommodations or have questions about access.

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