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Maintenance, repair and overhaul materials (MRO), excluding inventory, represents 50% or more of the total maintenance budget. MRO inventory adds millions to the overall operating cost of the maintenance function as well as the plant. This session focuses on proven strategy, processes and methods to effectively manage this major expense. It is not intended to provide mastery of the unique skills required to procure, store and manage MRO inventory, but provides the knowledge a maintenance manager must know to assure these critical functions are properly designed, implemented and utilize in the manager’s operation.

Offered by Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning, the Maintenance Management Certificate Program provides a comprehensive management development program for existing and aspiring maintenance management professionals.

Who Should Attend
The program is aimed at current and aspiring maintenance managers, engineers, supervisors and planners, but is applicable to all who have a direct interest in or are affected by maintenance performance and its impact on the enterprise. While the program is maintenance-centric, the methods, standard processes and logic are applicable for all organizational functions. This comprehensive program is applicable to all industries and facilities, as well as for single-plant or global enterprises.

What You Will Learn
-Understand best practices associated with procurement, handling, stocking, distribution and management of MRO materials
-Understand best practices for Storeroom layout, include materials handling, staffing and supervision
-Understand the importance of proper kitting and delivery of repair parts as part of the work order system
-How to effectively manage inventory levels, economic reorder points and other critical aspects of the MRO process

Early Bird – $977 (Expires exactly one month prior to program date)
Standard – $1,150
UA Employee – $977 (Call 205-348-3000)

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