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Moundville: A Pop-Up Exhibition on Southeastern Native American Foodways

Nov. 4-Dec. 4

Intercultural Diversity Center, Suite 2100 Ferguson Center

In partnership with Moundville Archaeological Park, the Intercultural Diversity Center will be hosting a month-long small foodways exhibit featuring two large cases and four banners of important facts about Native American history and special artifacts from Moundville. This pop-up exhibition will focus on Southeastern Native American subsistence patterns, the importance of Moundville, corn agriculture, the utilization of the Black Warrior River and how most of the subsistence techniques used in prehistory are still being done today.

Artifacts will include: pots and cups used for cooking that were excavated at Moundville, bone fish hooks, grinding stones (mortar, pestle), stone axe, atlatl, projectile points, etc.

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