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The mission and strategy created for maintenance organizations depends on effective planning and scheduling. This session provides the necessary knowledge and understanding needed to effectively manage the planning and scheduling process. It is not intended to provide mastery of skills required to execute the planning and scheduling function.

The program is aimed at current and aspiring maintenance managers, engineers, supervisors and planners, but is applicable to all who have a direct interest in or are affected by maintenance performance and its impact on the enterprise. While the program is maintenance-centric, the methods, standard processes and logic are applicable for all organizational functions. This comprehensive program is applicable to all industries and facilities, as well as for single-plant or global enterprises.


What You Will Learn
•    Learn best practices associate with maintenance planning and scheduling
•    Understand the attributes and contents of a properly planned maintenance activity
•    Understand the absolute need to plan and schedule for the future, not only today
•    How to balance workload to net available workforce

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