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Leveraging Data Science toward Deeper Understanding of Scholarly Literature

Thursday, October 8, 2020 2pm to 3pm

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As the number of articles published in scientific journals grows exponentially, researchers face an increasingly daunting task of synthesizing these publications efficiently. However, data science offers opportunities for exploring scholarly literature in a new ways that are more efficient and holistic. In this session, several data science techniques and research methodologies will be discussed that have enabled novel insights in the area of hydrology. Programmatic data harvesting, as well as bibliographic analyses via enhanced topic modeling methods that utilize natural language processing (NLP), will be discussed. Workshop attendees will also learn how these techniques have been leveraged toward the development of HydroMiND, an interactive web-based tool for topic, time, and journal-based exploration of peer-reviewed publications in major hydrology journals.


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Dr Grey Nearing is an Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences at the University of Alabama. He is currently serving a temporary appointment as visiting faculty at Google Research. Dr. Nearing’s work is primarily related to hydrological modeling and forecasting with machine learning, and on the intersection of AI and Geoscience.


Mashrekur Rahman is a PhD Student and Graduate Teaching Assistant with the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Alabama. Mashrekur’s primary work includes the application of Natural Language Processing in synthesizing scientific literature, and building interactive web applications for improved science communication. His secondary research interests are related to AI for Hydrological Modeling and Remote Sensing.

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