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'La Posada' Hispanic-Latino Festival of Community

Thursday, November 30, 2023 6pm to 9pm

427 6th Ave, Tuscaloosa, Al, Tuscaloosa, Al
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Centered around gathering during the month of December to recognize, strengthen, and bring community together, the festival of las Posadas spans across various days starting in December. Posadas are a traditional festival in a variety of Latin American countries, with a variety of differences and influences from each culture. While the root of las Posadas festivals lies within a religious Catholic context, it has grown into a deeply enshrined cultural event that extends beyond its religious beginnings. Throughout the period of Las Posadas, communities share their accomplishments with other members of their culture over a shared space. Typical, cultural food is also part of the festival, to which we will provide a taste of culture by partnering with a Hispanic owned business from the Tuscaloosa area. Our event would recreate a Posada festival within the UA community. We plan on having a traditional dance group present a Folklorico dance performance, and Latino DJs the rest of the night which will be playing a variety of genres spanning from different Latin American countries. This event is meant to bring Latino culture and presence to the UA campus.

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