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MEETING SCHEDULE: Meetings will take place on Fridays10 am – 12 noon, beginning on January 20, 2023 and will continue through April 28, 2023.


MEETING LOCATION: The International Spouse Group meetings will be held at the Global Café’s Training Room located in Room 1803 Capital Hall.


QUESTIONS?: Contact and join the group on Facebook.


The International Spouse Group is designed to bring together the spouses of international students, faculty, staff and scholars for activities and interaction.


The goal of the International Spouse Group is to offer an opportunity for spouses who have come to Tuscaloosa with an international student, faculty, staff or scholar to connect with others, learn from each other, and share unique knowledge and experiences. This group is open for the wives or husbands of international students, faculty, staff, as well as American spouses who are interested in making international friendships. We provide support in adjustment and acculturation while living and learning in the U.S.


At the International Spouse Group meetings you can meet new friends, enjoy conversations while having refreshments, practice your social and English speaking skills, learn new skills and teach others your hobbies or interests, practice your presentations, and talk about challenges and practical tips to overcome them. Every group member is welcome to offer activities and ideas that can be done within the International Spouse Group.

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