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The Department of Energy Management and UA Recycling work diligently to lessen the overall carbon footprint of the University. Catalyzed by their collaborative efforts, they will host Green Office Week 2023, beginning January 30 and concluding February 3. The week-long event is a call for more sustainable office spaces throughout campus. 

To participate, they ask all university employees who occupy an office space to implement as many of their eco-friendly tips as possible, including:

-Swapping incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs to LEDs

-Using daylight and/or a small lamp (with an LED bulb) for office work (instead of overhead lighting), if possible

-Setting the thermostat to 68 F, and not making any adjustments

-Refraining from the use of personal heaters at your desk (inefficient heaters that affect others comfort)

-Dressing in layers to allow the flexibility to keep yourself at the perfect temperature

-Utilizing properly labeled recycling bins, in an evident area

-Having a personal recycling bin in your office to take items to larger bins once a week

-Turning off monitors when they’re not in use (lunch break, meetings, etc…)

-Turning off printers when they’re not in use

-Adjusting your printer – reducing margins to 0.5” to save paper

-Printing double sided, whenever possible

-Going paperless using Microsoft Teams, whenever possible

-Consuming water consciously – being mindful of water leaks and submitting work orders

-Using secondhand furniture, available from the UA Department Surplus at no cost to faculty and staff

During Green Office Week, Energy Management and UA Recycling Team employees will visit campus offices and evaluate the “Green mindedness” of each space, asking for your ideas on making your office green, offering further advice, and commending any efforts that have been made!

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  • Luca Campanelli
  • Tamela Wilson
  • Anthony Ivy

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