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Want to win a prize package in exchange for campus sustainability exploration? Take part in the Energy Management Scavenger Hunt, occurring April 4-8!


Reference the list of sustainable targets below and take photos as you come across them on campus. If FIVE (or more) out of eight items are found and photographed, you can submit them to win a prize!  For an official entry you must follow UA Energy Management on Instagram (@UAEnergyMgmt) or Facebook (UA Energy Management), post/publish your pictures to your story, tag us (@UAEnergyMgmt), and add the text “UA Energy Management Scavenger Hunt #UAEMScavenger”.


Additionally, two of the targets (#7 & #8) can be acquired at Bama Softball games.  Students get in free! Bama Softball plays South Carolina on April 6, 7, & 8. The games on April 6 and 7 will start at 6 PM, and the game on April 8 will start at 1:30 PM.



1. Recycling bin

2. Refillable water bottle station

3. Magnolia tree 

4. Electric vehicle charging station

5. Your personal thermostat (set to 68-70°F)

6. Car alternative (bus, bike, etc...)

7. LED scoreboard at Rhoads Stadium

8. Photo w/ a UA softball player (available after the game)

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