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Blackburn Institute 2021 Class Nominations

Wednesday, January 20, 2021 12:01am

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The Blackburn Institute is a leadership development and civic engagement program specifically focused on improving the state of Alabama. Through its work with students, alumni (Fellows), and Advisory Board members, the institute develops a network of leaders who have a clear understanding of the state’s challenges. Selected students participate in a one-year curriculum of activities and events, after which they continue their involvement for their remaining time at the Capstone.

Students may self-nominate or be nominated by a member of the university’s faculty or staff, Blackburn students, Fellows (alumni), or Advisory Board members. We seek students who demonstrate interest and leadership relating to public policy; indicate strong interest in exploring issues facing the state of Alabama; demonstrate a clear concept of local, state or national issues; and have at least one full year remaining as an undergraduate or graduate student at The University of Alabama.

Nominations will close January 20, 2021. To learn more about the Blackburn Institute, please email us at or register to attend our Prospective Student Information Session on Hopin at

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