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UA instructors now have the opportunity to explore Blackboard Learn Ultra Course View as part of the Blackboard Learn Ultra Course Pilot. These live webinars, led by the Blackboard team, focus on Blackboard Ultra Base Navigation and Blackboard Ultra Course View. Blackboard Learn Original instructor webinars are also available on demand. Register for live sessions on the Blackboard site: Blackboard Instructor Webinar Series Live Webinars

Blackboard Learn Ultra Basics


This webinar is designed to provide you with easy step-by-step instructions on how to upload course content, create discussion boards for students to engage in, and provide an overview of the types of online assessments available in Learn Ultra Course View.


Session Times:

  • August 18 10:00am CDT
  • September 20 10:00am CDT
  • October 25 10:00am CDT


Grading and Managing the Gradebook in Learn Ultra Courses


This intermediate session will provide a deeper dive into setting up grading criteria for assessments, utilizing different types of assessments, and creating gradable assignments in Learn Ultra Courses.


Session Times:

  • August 24 10:00am CDT
  • September 21 10:00am CDT
  • November 2 10:00am CDT


Creating Assessments in Learn Ultra Courses


In this session, we will focus on creating different assessments and assignments in Learn Ultra courses. We will outline the steps to create an assessment or an assignment, including selecting different options in grade settings.


Session Times:

  • August 25 10:00am CDT
  • September 27 10:00am CDT
  • November 3 10:00am CDT


Improving Student Engagement in Learn Ultra


Discover how utilizing tools within Learn Ultra can encourage meaningful engagement among students. between your students and you, and with the content itself! In this session, we’ll examine how to effectively use discussion boards, class conversations, interactive lectures, and other Learn Ultra tools to foster student engagement in your course. We will also explore different ways to promote communication and collaboration among your students to get them involved and to keep them engaged in online classes.


Session Times:

  • August 30 10:00am CDT
  • September 29 10:00am CDT
  • November 8 10:00am CST


Using Groups in Learn Ultra


Collaborative learning offers many benefits over traditional instruction. Studies show that when students work as a team, they develop positive attitudes, solve problems more effectively, and experience a greater sense of accomplishment. This intermediate session will show you how to use the Groups tool in Learn Ultra to facilitate student collaboration and enhance student engagement in your course.


Session Times:

  • September 1 10:00am CDT
  • October 5 10:00am CDT
  • November 10 10:00am CST


Ultra-Advantage - Converting a Learn Original Course to Learn Ultra


It’s time for a little Spring clean-up! Let’s look at suggestions on how to effectively clean-up, reorganize, and sort through the content in your Learn Original course before bringing all the content over to the Learn Ultra course. This webinar is designed to provide tips and tricks on streamlining the conversion over to the Learn Ultra courses.


Session Times:

  • September 7 10:00am CDT
  • October 11 10:00am CDT
  • November 16 10:00am CST


Blackboard Learn Ultra Best Practices


Now that we know the buttons to click to create and setup many of the online learning tools, let’s take a step back and determine what are the features of each of the tools and what are some of the best practices to use them in facilitating our online courses. These sessions will take on more of a pedagogical nature to assist in readying your course and yourself to enhancing the teaching and learning of your students. The sessions will coalesce around the lifecycle of each tool including instructor creation and considerations, student completion, instructor grading, and finally the student accessing their grade. Think broadly in terms of groups, assignments, assessments, journals, and discussion boards—how can I make these more effective for me and for my students.


Session Times:

  • September 13 10:00am CDT
  • October 13 10:00am CDT

Introduction to the Ultra Base Navigation


This session will provide you with Base Navigation's main features and functionalities:

  • Institution Page
  • URL and role branding
  • Activity Stream
  • Calendar
  • Messages
  • Targeted Notifications

Session Times:

  • September 15 10:00am CDT
  • October 19 10:00am CDT
  • November 17 10:00am CST

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