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Sarah Rumfelt, Senior Marketing Manager with Soda Health, and proud Manderson Alum will be returning to campus to host our roundtable discussions. The topic is Don't Be Realistic, Alter Your Reality Instead. This is a great topic to hear to get those creative juices flowing to help you see how things can be and not just how things are. Come and join us, and see yourself where you want to be. 


Beyond the Classroom sessions are an opportunity for alumni and corporate partners to lead a conversation with fewer than 10 students in a non-traditional classroom setting. The round-table discussions stimulate group conversation, fostering a diverse exchange of ideas and showcasing creativity, adaptability, resilience, social intelligence, and problem-solving skills among professionals and students. Conversations challenge students to think outside of the box and prepare for unexpected challenges they may face early in their careers.    


Sessions will be held in Bidgood Hall on Monday, two 45-minute sessions (10:30-11:15 and 11:30- 12:15); and on Wednesday two 45-minute sessions (1:00-1:45 and 2:00-2:45) and are open to all Manderson students, limited to 10 per session.

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