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1901 Jack Warner Parkway, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 #UAMuseums
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The Mildred Westervelt Warner Transportation Museum has a new exhibit, After Promontory: 150 Years of Transcontinental Railroading, opening on May 23, 2023 and running through September 9, 2023, is on loan from and in collaboration with the Center for Railroad Photography and Art.


After Promontory takes a wide view, considering the events at Promontory to be the start of a larger phenomenon, an entire era of transcontinental railroad construction that stretched for nearly fifty years. At its core is the assertion that, collectively, the transcontinental railroads profoundly reshaped the human geography of the West, giving birth to the region we recognize today. “This is an exciting exhibition for the Transportation Museum to host because it is the first time this exhibit has ever been on display in the state of Alabama, and we were thrilled to collaborate once again with the Center for Railroad Photography and Art,” said Katherine Edge, director of the Warner Transportation Museum.


On May 10, 1869, two railroads built with haste, hope, and aspiration—joined in a lonely desert of northern Utah, at a place called Promontory. On that day, dignitaries from both companies—the Central Pacific, which had built from California, and the Union Pacific, which had built from the east—gave speeches and installed ceremonial last spikes.


The ceremonies were meant as a moment of self-congrat­ulation, but the significance of the day’s events is far broader. In the ensuing decades, railroad after railroad proposed new, competing transcontinental routes—and sometimes com­pleted them. Their construction swept away the dominance of native tribes, ended the open range, and restructured the West into a network of resources and industries dependent upon clusters of urban centers.


To mark the 150th anniversary of the beginning of this era, the Center for Railroad Photography & Art has launched a special project, After Promontory: 150 Years of Transcontinental Railroading. Our initiative includes a book, conference, and traveling exhibitions that examine the significance and lasting impact of the transcon­tinental railroads on the American West.


Photography is After Promontory’s literal and metaphorical lens on the transcontinental railroad boom. Both the book and the exhibition feature period photographs by some of the most ac­complished photographers in the nation’s history, artists such as William Henry Jackson, Timothy H. O’Sullivan, and Car­leton E. Watkins. Their photographs were often created with the sponsorship of the railroads, whose leaders saw photogra­phy as a medium suitable for lobbying a distant population (and distant political leaders) on the need for public support and assistance.


Also included in the book and exhibit is recent photogra­phy from artists who explore the lasting impact the railroads have had on the landscape, both to the benefit and the costs of the region. At stake in all of these images, both period and more contemporary, is not only the railroad itself as a subject, but how photographers of different eras, with different motivations and different sensibilities, have thought of the transcontinental railroads and their legacy.


Promontory was an inflection point in the history of the American West—as well as the country as a whole—a moment that both symbolically and literally gave birth to a region of measurement, colonization, and extraction, to what historian Donald Worster has called “the engineered West.” After Promontory explores how photographic artists have received and represented that West both in the era of the transcontinentals, and in the region they have left us to inhabit.


The Mildred Westervelt Warner Transportation Museum is located at 1901 Jack Warner Parkway, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401. General admission to the Transportation Museum is always free! The Museum is open Tuesday–Saturday from 10:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Closed Sundays, Mondays, and major holidays.


Order a copy of the book: After Promontory: 150 Years of Transcontinental Railroading.

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