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No prior programming experience necessary. One of the hardest parts of learning to code isn’t learning syntax, it’s learning how to think like a computer. Consider this your session 0 for learning any programming language, as it’s designed to give you a basic understanding of how to approach solving problems and working with data through programming. The purpose of this workshop is to take a step back and talk about coding without syntax, jargon, or software packages and focus on the underlying concepts that might not be obvious when learning your first programming language. Topics will include: How humans give instructions to computers, and how computers follow them. Breaking problems into codable chunks and using pseudocode. Understanding how and why to use loops, control flows, and logic statements. How computers store data and how programming languages access it.


About the Facilitator:

Brittany Waltemate is the research data and geographic services librarian located in the Bruno Business Library. Her specialties include working with spatial data, geographic information systems, data management, and R programing. To contact her, send an email to

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