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Legacy budget development and cost management methods are no longer adequate for the ever-increasing demands on the maintenance organization to do more and more with few resources and less money. This session introduces activity-based budgeting and best practices cost management methodology. These ensure a budget predicated on actual need and a practical means to manage that budget for optimal benefit in terms of available capacity, reduced cost and maximum useful life of capital assets.

Who Should Attend

The program is aimed at current and aspiring maintenance managers, engineers, supervisors and planners, but is applicable to all who have a direct interest in or are affected by maintenance performance and its impact on the enterprise. While the program is maintenance-centric, the methods, standard processes and logic are applicable for all organizational functions. This comprehensive program is applicable to all industries and facilities, as well as for single-plant or global enterprises.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the limitations of legacy budget development and cost control methodologies
  • How to develop an activity-based budget predicated on the specific maintenance requirement of installed assets
  • How to create a proactive budget management process with decision-points before it is spent — not after
  • How to prioritize maintenance activities and expenditures to assure critical assets receive adequate sustaining maintenance

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