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AAUW Start Smart workshops are specifically designed for college students about to enter the job market. These workshops are centered around combatting the gender wage gap, and are therefore typically geared towards women—however, people from all gender identities are welcome to attend. Workshops typically take around two hours.

This workshop includes:

  • An introduction to the gender wage gap: what it is, why it exists, as well as the racial dynamics of it.
  • A brief overview of personal statements. This includes how to shape your resume to the specifics of the job, how to look for keywords in job descriptions, and how to relate your personal experience and accomplishments to the job you’re applying for.
  • A discussion of salary, which includes how to find your target salary, how to research an equitable salary, and how to create a budget. Also included is a discussion on the importance of understanding job benefits.
  • A breakdown on what to say once you’ve landed the job and are in the actual pay negotiation process. You are armed with the research you’ve done in the previous steps—now you can also learn about ways to turn pay negotiation conversations to your favor.
  • Finally, the session ends with a role-play pay negotiation between participants. Each participant will get to practice using their pay negotiation tactics as both the employee and the employer.

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